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 Terms and Conditions     
This web site is owned by IT-Sentry, Inc. and the following Terms and Conditions apply to all visitors, customers and all orders placed on the web site by IT-Sentry, Inc. personnel on behalf and/or per request of the customer.

Copyright and Trademarks:
  • All original content on this web site is protected by the copyright laws and trademark laws of the United States of America whether belonging to the owner of the site or to the owners of the products offered.

Web site use:
  • The content of this web site is provided for the intent to provide information about the products offered and to purchase such products and services. Visitors to this web site are prohibited to copy, modify or distribute any or all part of the content of this web site for any purpose, unless such permission is given in writing by IT-Sentry, Inc.

Prices & Terms
  • All prices listed are those set by IT-Sentry, Inc. and not necessarily those of the manufacturers on their respective sites or publications.
  • Customers who make purchases or who have purchases made on their behalf by IT-Sentry, Inc. personnel on the web site cannot claim price adjustments after purchase from either IT-Sentry, Inc or from the vendors.
  • IT-Sentry reserves the right to change the prices for reasons including, but not limited to, product availability, MSRP changes, product updates, general time-constrained promotions, etc., without prior announcement.
  • Quotes generated from the website are valid for a period of 30 calendar days and are not subject to price changes if they occurred in said period.
  • All prices quoted or charged are exclusive of taxes, shipping, handling and insurance costs when applicable.
  • Payment for products must be made by by Bank ACH, Check or other valid transfer of funds. A credit line is available by completing a simple form. IT-Sentry, Inc. solely decides the amount of a credit line. Customers with a credit line will be know on the web site as being 'On Account'.
  • All payments On Account are due per the Net Due Date on the invoice issued by IT-Sentry, Inc. at the time of purchase. Late payments cause the account to be put "On Hold" until payment is received. No further purchases can be made by the customer or by IT-Sentry, Inc. personnel on behalf of the customer, until payment has been received and customer is back "On Account".
  • Customers who have not paid within thirty(30) days of the Net Due Date printed on the IT-Sentry, Inc. invoice will be referred to a Collection Agency who will have the right to add a 30% Collection Charge of the total invoice amount to the outstanding amount. Once referred to the Collection Agency, IT-Sentry, Inc. shall no longer accept payment from the customer directly. The account will revert to a regular account without a credit line if and when payment in full, including collection charges, is made to the Collection Agency.
  • Customers who settle their outstanding invoice(s) via a Collection Agency, can purchase product again via pre-payment and will no longer be considered "On Account".

    Customers "On Account" will automatically receive emails regarding the payment of the outstanding invoice as follows:
    - 1 week before the due date (reminder)
    - 2 to 3 days after the due date (First notice and account is on hold)
    - 1 week after the due date (Second notice and account is still on hold)
    - 2 weeks after the due date (Third notice and account is still on hold)
    - 3 weeks after the due date (Fourth notice and account is still on hold)
    - 4 weeks after the due date (Notification of account sent to collection)

Loss or Damage in Transit
  • IT-Sentry, Inc. will not be responsible for damage or loss of product or part thereof in transit or for any discrepancy between the product delivered and the product ordered unless the customer gives written or email notice of a claim to the company within two business day of delivery or expected delivery.
  • In the event of damage of product or part thereof in transit or for any discrepancy between the product delivered and the product ordered, the customer must hold the product and make the product available for inspection or collection by IT-Sentry or it's representatives on request.

Returns and Cancellations
  • The customer shall not return any product without the written consent of IT-Sentry, Inc. If IT-Sentry, Inc. at its sole discretion gives consent, it reserves the right to charge a restocking fee of 15% of the price of the product in question, or $25.00, whichever is greater.

Legal Disclaimer
  • IT-Sentry, Inc. retains the title of all products sold until the customer has paid in full for the products. Once fully paid, the title is considered to have been passed on to the customer.

Product Warranty
  • Product warranty of all products sold on this web site are those of the respective manufacturers. IT-Sentry does not make any warranties, explicit or implied, regarding any product offered for sale on this web site.

Official Address for Correspondence
  • IT-Sentry, Inc.
    4331 Chancery Park Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030

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