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Receive a $100 gift card for attending a 30 minute demo on Panda Adaptive Defense 360 and install
a FREE trial copy for 30 days.
For more information, call 1-888-487-3687 ext. 104

Welcome to our New Reseller Program

Whether you are a small computer shop, an established dealer, or a Value Added Reseller, we invite you to become an Authorized Reseller.

IT-Sentry is a national distributor of the newest products available in security software. We have been in business for 15 years with a large number of loyal resellers. We offer a profitable professional discount and continuous support on excellent internet and data security solutions from various manufacturers.

We are the Premier Distributor of Panda Security who is one of the top five security companies with a product line that spans from home users to corporate network defense solutions.

As a reseller, you too will be offering the latest in next generation endpoint protection to withstand the most recent advanced cyber attacks. With us and Panda Security you will take your business and your clients to a new level of security by offering the best advanced cyber security products available.

Don't let your customers become the victims of malicious malware attacks.

In addition to other products you may carry, we recommend that you add the Panda Security product line. At IT-Sentry we have your back as Panda's premier distributor in the U.S.A.

We invite you to read up on some of Panda's products related to Endpoint Protection:

For the best Anti-virus report in the industry by AV Comparative, check:

The main features of these product lines include:
  • Advanced anti-virus protection
  • Zero-day protection
  • Internet Security protection
  • Email protection
  • Maximum malware protection
  • Ransomware protection
  • Centralized managed protection
The power of being able to centrally manage all your customers through one portal, called the Partner Center, makes protecting your customers easy with these features:
  • Cross platform protection, allowing the repair of any infected computer
  • Centralized management from the cloud
  • Device Control
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Profile-based configuration
  • Malware freezer
  • Flexible and rapid installation

To sign up as a Reseller, call our office at 888-487-3687 extension 104 and request a one time Reseller Code. There is no charge to sign up as a Reseller.

As a new Reseller, your benefits include:
  • A discount of 20% off MSRP on most products
  • DOUBLE DISCOUNT for initial order of 20 units or more of one product
  • Ability to receive Not for Resale (NFR) versions of certain products
  • Eligibility to receive a 15-day credit line (first order via credit card - no credit check)
  • Eligibility for a 30-day credit line pending approval of a completed Credit Application
  • No annual fees or quotas
  • Telephone support for most products
  • Quarterly and monthly promotional offers

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