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Welcome to our New Reseller Program

Whether you are a small computer shop, an established dealer, or a Value Added Reseller, we invite you to become an Authorized Reseller.

IT-Sentry ditributes the newest products available in security software and hardware. We have been in business since 1989 years with a large number of loyal resellers. We offer a profitable professional discount and continuous support on excellent internet and data security solutions from various manufacturers.

Our largest product lines are Panda Security, now a WatchGuard company (representing a product line that spans from home users to corporate network defense solutions,) and WatchGuard, a leader in Network security with a long line of Firewall solutions.

As a reseller, you too will be offering the latest in next generation Endpoint and Security protection to withstand the most recent advanced cyber attacks. With us and our manufacturers, you will take your business and your clients to a new level of security by offering the best advanced cyber security products available.

To sign up as a Reseller, call our office at 888-487-3687 extension 104 and request a one time Reseller Code. There is no charge to sign up as a Reseller.

As a new Reseller, your benefits include:

  • A discount of 20% off MSRP on most products
  • Ability to receive Not for Resale (NFR) versions of certain products at a discount
  • Eligibility to receive a 15-day credit line (no credit check)
  • Eligibility for a 30-day credit line pending approval of a completed Credit Application
  • No annual fees or quotas
  • Immediate credit for ordering on line
  • Quarterly rebates depending on volume of products purchased through IT-Sentry
  • Telephone support for most products
  • Quarterly and monthly promotional offers when available through the manufacturers

WatchGuard Security
Firebox Appliance Models
   Home/Home Office
   Small/Midsize Business
   Large Corporations
Panda EndPoint
Corporate Solutions
   Panda Endpoint
   Panda Endpoint Plus
   Panda AD360
Home Users
   Panda Endpoint Protection
OEM for Resellers
   Panda AntivirusPro
   Panda Internet Security
Home Users
Corporate Solutions

Home Users
   Password Manager
Corporate Solutions
   Password Manager
POS Cards
   Password Manager
Home Users
Corporate Solutions

Home Users
   PC Optimization

Home Users

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